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Putting up a poll on this one.

Thinking about a nom de plume here, since I am I am I AM going to get this novella self-published SOON, I still can't figure out what to call myself.

Current contenders are going up as a poll, damn it.

So my three readers can pick!

[Poll #2037328]

I will point out that that last one is my NPR name from the NPR name generator so don't mock too hard, ok?

Don't like any of those? Or can't vote for whatever reason? Leave a suggestion in the comments!
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AC has a major research paper due Friday. She's submitted two drafts, the paper is looking good, and I pity her poor teacher, since she's submitting a 3rd draft tomorrow. Last paper she got a 97: highest in the grade, and she intends to repeat that.


Just overheard this:

AC: "My essay is too long, and I want to add something and I don't have the words for it."

Dh: "I'll give you some advice a friend of maman's gave her. Delete any words ending in ly."

AC: "But that's half my essay!"

Perry: "What do you mean words ending in ly?"

AC: "Really, basically, stuff like that!"

Perry: "But how can you get enough words without them?"

[livejournal.com profile] cassandra7, they may not like it, but they're learning! Thank you.

Another moment of AC brag: she got a 98 in her Outdoors Ed class: highest grade he gives, and he only gives 'em every few years or so. She did good.
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Did some rearranging here, linked all my silly little drabbles to the links section on the sidebar, and I also -gulp- linked some of my original fiction. I've been meaning to do that for a while. My novel isn't there, since it isn't posted anywhere yet. Any may never be. Or maybe it will. Who knows?
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Went to dh's work campus today for an Event put on by the health insurance/benefits people. Sports clinics (boring!), cooking demos by major chefs (didn't bother), food -supposedly healthy, but, ummm... NOT- and a 5k.

We really went for the 5k.

Which we did. AC hung around the Event while we walked around campus among A Whole Bunch of Other People.

There are going to be some photos, so cutting.... )
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I really feel done now!

Part 1 of my "novel" is done. 61760 written between

Tue Nov 1 12:13:47 PDT 2011
Wed Nov 30 21:32:27 PST 2011.

It was so much fun. I do hope I can finish this!

Whee! I do feel like I've accomplished something, and I'm happy with my characters. The story could use some work, but I like my people so far.
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Ahem. Notice the icon, folks! Hee.

Well, I'll probably be able to finish part one tomorrow, but I wanted to validate my word count today because I don't trust NaNo's site to be up and interactive tomorrow! My official word count was 56997, which was two more than wc -w gave me on my Linux box.

So yay!

It's been fun. I started out feeling very uncertain that I'd be able to make a story out of what I had, but I think I've more or less managed. It isn't great, as stories go, but it's been interesting writing fantasy, trying to make sure the vocabulary and images I use are acceptable in a magic, not technology, based society, and how mysterious the steam punkish society that shares this world seems to them in many ways.
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52279 / 50000 words. 105% done!

Woohoo! Got my word count, yay! I'm going to try to finish the first part of the story -which will be standalone, more or less- in the next two days.
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Nothing here today..... I'll add the counter showing that when I get home.

edited to add

Looks like livejournal updates are fucked up. And I just paid them for another year, damnit!

Anyhow, let's try again. What really bugs me is that if the update doesn't work, I lose what I wrote, and I've already lost this twice, so I'll not say that I planned on saying and just add the meter.

49594 / 50000 words. 99% done!
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49591 / 50000 words. 99% done!

Soooooooooooo close! As in, 409 words to go to 50k and I'm just too tired. Tomorrow we're going to Portland, so I probably won't write at all -TSO concert!- but hopefully I'll finish on Monday.

The story will not be done, however. That is probably going to take another 30k or so words. This will, like when I did NaNo a few years back and wrote the first part of Charles and Jamie's story, this will be a standalone first part. That I'll hopefully finish over the next few months.

The problem, really, is that I just can't tell the story, I've gotta figure out what makes the people tick and that seems to take longer than the swordplay I'd initially planed. I mean, I started out to write some PWP and this is what happened. Heh.
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44062 / 50000 words. 88% done!

Not much writing today... Lots and lots of cooking. And then cleaning after!

I'm all cooked out.

I think we'll be eating toast and fruit for a week or so. Heh.

I do hope to have some writing time tomorrow. I've missed it over the past few days!
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39384 / 50000 words. 79% done!

Lots of cooking, not lots of writing!
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30910 / 50000 words. 62% done!

Tomorrow I have to write something painful. Not looking forward to that.

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