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A link to the flickr set of photos of our trip to the Enchantments.

New and Improved! 25 Best of the Enchantments 2014. The best, or whatever photos from the trip. A bit less overwhelming!

And this link should get you a trip report

I'm linking in this photo, and I have to find a way to add some more tags to it. Because when I went looking for photos of the Enchantments, every single person I saw was thin. There were young people and older people, but they were all thin. I guess I want people who look like me to see the photo and realise that they aren't alone. Because I was freaking out and felt absolutely ridiculous, I mean, the though that a fat person could haul their fat ass up to the Enchantments? Ridiculous.


Also, Perry and I were standing on a sloped slab of granite! He is NOT NOT NOT that much taller than me!

This trip was my birthday present to myself, and I'm so very thrilled about how things worked out. It was spectacular.
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More to remind me that I need to get AC's photos from her.... Dh never takes enough photos, but thinks he has. AC took over 150, hopefully we have a few good ones.

A gorgeous bummer of a hike. 11 miles or so, once side trips and walking to the trailhead from the parking we found were added in. Goal: a view of Mt Rainier over alpine meadows. Result: alpine meadows, the mountain made itself scarce. Things cleared up a bit as we were leaving, but not enough, no where near enough.

Other hikes, we might have hung out a bit longer and waited for the skies to clear a bit, which they were slowly doing but alas, as beautiful as this hike is, the number of mosquitoes and biting flies made standing or sitting still akin to torture. So no. We did not linger.

BTW, AC said, as we walked through a meadow of flowers: "It reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle!" (*) and Perry said "Dare I say it? The Shire!" (*) The movie. Which is different from the book, but excellent.

I'll do more of a write up hopefully when I have time and when AC's photos get uploaded...

Anyhow, a few photos to give an idea...

Indian paint brush and lupine

Alpine meadow, avalanche lilies, and a little hiker called Linnea!


Spray Falls. I realise there is no scale on that initial drop there, and sources online say anything from 80 to 350 ft. Since it's at the level of Spray Park, and the photo was taken before the last climb, 600+ feet in elevation, I'll estimate that it is closer to the higher end. It was truly spectacular.

Spray Falls, Mt Rainier National Park

I will forever be grateful to be able-bodied enough to hike to alpine meadows.
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Snagged this link from Shakesville: Spectacular displays of the northern lights or aurora borealis in northern Norway.

Some of the photos are spectacular. Some of them are spectacularer. No, really.

I love the Northern Lights. I've never been able to see them in person, and it's one of my life goals. I'll get there at some point.

In the meanwhile, I look at photos like the ones above, and I feeling great longing.

And just fyi. Photo 15 is the photographer. Great long there too..

Anyhow, all lust aside, :-), this is my favourite from the batch. At least is it right this second.

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I can't seem to link this properly, but I got this photo The week in pictures: 6 April 2012.

I thought it was spectacular.

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Despite the pink hearts and flowers, I strongly dislike Valentine's Day, though I do enjoy annoying everyone with the theme for a week or so. I'll change it tonight, phew.

Anyhow, hate it or not, and I've posted this before, this photo is too good not to share!

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, it's a mold. It grew while I was away for a few weeks one holiday season and I'd forgotten to toss some cream cheese before I left. Heh.

ETA Actually, it's apparently not a mold, but a nasty bacterium called Serratia marcescens.
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I was looking for a funny photo of Perry and found this one of AC that I'd played around with in GIMP.

The funny photo of Perry? I can't share it, but it was Perry washing his hands, balanced on the edge of the sink, ie legs and feet dangling, wearing a bike helmet and a shirt. Nothing else. Heh.

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