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Oh snap, Linnea got Perry this time.

I wrote this, to quote myself, a few days ago:

Linnea names things. It drives Perry nuts. He carefully refers to Linnea's named objects as "it" to make sure he does not get caught in the family dynamic of referring to Linnea's travelling pig, Pinky Pie as "she" or to his own slow-the-boy-down-when-rowing buoy, Simon, as he.

Texting today, Linnea mentioned that she'd never given Oinkster, her USB drive a gender.

Perry followed up with three texts about how she was trying to put Oinkster in a box of he/she, and that Oinkster preferred "they/them".

I sense that a new front has been opened in this conflict. Heh.

So. Linnea texted yesterday that at her rowing club, they'd christened a new boat: No, but seriously, we got a new boat. His (or they're (sic)) I'm not assuming anything) name is Spencer Bros, dedicated to these rower dudes..."

Perry texts back: "She. Boats are female."

Linnea: [Flat affect emoticon]

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Linnea names things. It drives Perry nuts. He carefully refers to Linnea's named objects as "it" to make sure he does not get caught in the family dynamic of referring to Linnea's travelling pig, Pinky Pie as "she" or to his own slow-the-boy-down-when-rowing buoy, Simon, as he.

Texting today, Linnea mentioned that she'd never given Oinkster, her USB drive a gender.

Perry followed up with three texts about how she was trying to put Oinkster in a box of he/she, and that Oinkster preferred "they/them".

I sense that a new front has been opened in this conflict. Heh.

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Linnea starts high school today. She barely let me take a photo! She marched herself off to the bus stop! She was in a foul mood!

What gets me? The new late start high school still has her bus pick her up at 6:40am. Late start? I shudder at how early things must have been last year. Her pick up time is very early, but then again,she gets back early.

And in more makes me want to cry, it's Perry's last first day of high school. I'm feeling very emotional about that.
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There is video of Perry in here.... there is more of his teammates in doubles, he's by himself in a single, wearing a yellow-gold ("athletic gold") shirt, with a pony tail. The cool footage is him trying to prevent an 8 from passing him. He failed. But he put up a good fight!

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There are people in your life that you know in their role and then when all of a sudden you see them slightly outside of it, and you realize how even more incredible they are than you even thought before.

We adore Perry's coach (she coached Linnea this summer, and Linnea has the cutest little girl crush on her!). She's one of those positive coaches who can get the most out of any kid willing to work, and she's allowed us to see some extraordinary sights of Perry, glimpses perhaps of the adult I hope he become.

So Perry is going to Head of the Charles. His regular training has now been stepped up, this is going to be high intensity intense. His coach has him using the erg (rowing machine) we have at home, and requests his times and splits, so he can't slack off! And yesterday, he was helping out with a private lesson for some adults (one of the adults worked with him a bit last summer when she was learning to row and wanted to again, she really likes Perry.) After that water workout, the coach had Perry erg a 5k, about the distance of the Head of the Charles race.

And she walked him through it. She's been a coxswain (on winning boats) there more than a few times, and knows the course. The 18 minutes of that 5k on the erg were incredible. She was right there, shouting, as if coxing, encouraging, pushing, telling him to get his stroke rate up, and she did all of it telling him approximately where he would be with respect to the race course, and what he would be seeing at about that time in the area, and where to point. It was a coaching session like I have never seen before.

I'd loved to video the whole thing, but I hadn't asked permission before, so didn't want to (she has very little e-presence), but man, that was amazing.

He beat his best 5k time by quite a bit.

I'm not surprised now that she was a winning university level and beyond coxswain!
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OMG, people.

So Perry "won the lottery" and will be rowing in Boston for Head of the Charles. This is the biggest regatta in North America, and the fact that his coaches thought he is good enough to be safe, and have it be worth entering for him is a big deal.

OMG. David, Perry and I will be in Boston the weekend of October 21/22, I guess.

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Most people are familiar, when it comes to bacon based sandwiches with the "BLT". That it what normal people who like tomatoes (and usually mayo, ew) and bacon sandwiches eat.

My son... well, NSM.

He eats "BBC".

Bacon, butter, and cheese.

All I can say is... rowing.

He doesn't have weight issues, and probably won't even if he wants to row as a lightweight, but that is SO not healthy.

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Today Perry
  1. biked from our house to a nearby city to catch a bus: about 8 miles
  2. took the bus across the lake
  3. biked from Montlake to Fremont, about 3 miles
  4. rowed with his team for 2.5 hours
  5. biked back to Montake to catch the bus back
  6. bus across lake
  7. bus stop to the other rowing club, an easy downhill mile or so....
  8. .... and then rowed for two hours there
  9. .

It's all been land workouts until now, but today was the reward you all get to get into boats day!

During the rowing with the other club, he was in a single. They did a lot of work, and at the end, raced a 2k. Perry beat everyone. All the girls from their girl's team, who had a 2 minute handicap. The other 5 boys in singles. THE QUAD.

So yeah. That's pretty cool.

But here is the real part I'm proud of. The coach told him that if he wanted to row with them, he would no doubt be in their first varisty eight. That's a pretty major deal, since I think they won regionals and went to nationals.

I think Perry will stick with his small team... I get why, but I think we need to come up with a speech for the coaches at the recruiting meeting we're going to next week about why he'd stay with such a small program. The answer, btw, is that he gets to row, but he also gets to demonstrate leadership, he's responsible for many things in a way he would not otherwise be.


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We adapted a lemon bar recipe to be made with some lime juice. We'll see. I haven't had much luck with cooking with limes, they go from perfect to too bitter even for me in a very small amount.

Perry was doing the actual cooking. One of the recipes we cobbled together said to add a few drops of green food colouring, and I nixed that. But then he called me to tell me that without any, it looked really really gross.

So I told him to go ahead and add ONE -ONE!!!!!- drop of food colouring.

This was the result:

Green lime bar filling

OMG. One drop! I said ONE DROP.

He insisted he only added "a tiny amount".

One drop, I said.

And then.... we figured it out. He used gel food colouring not the standard liquid stuff. It never occurred to me that he'd go straight for the gels, though to be honest, it should have: I don't really ever use the liquid stuff, just the gels. I mean, if I am using food colouring at all... I am using FOOD COLOURING.

This is what the final product looks like:

VERY green lime bars

Hopefully they taste better than they look.

We shall see.

ETA 15 June 2017

Eh. They were mediocre. Much too sweet and without anything that said lime.

I forgot to take a photo of an actual bar, but here is what the edges looked like:

Lime bar
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Dh and I are in lovely Vancouver Washington (yeah, nsm on the lovely) for regionals. Perry is rowing his single on Friday morning, and in a double on Saturday.

When I get home I'll try to link last year's experience. Perry placed second in the lightweight singles category, a category that is not a nationals qualifier. It was great to see him do well, but after he won his heat and was headed to the final, and I looked at everyone's time and clued in that he had a chance to place? All of a sudden.. NSM on fun time and hello stress.

This time is even worse.

I suspect that Perry suspects, but the open secret is that he might just be good enough to place here at regionals, and thus make it to nationals. I'm not looking at times -do NOT want to know- but his coach has great hopes. Obviously, he'd need good water, a good day, and some luck, in addition to all the training he's done, but the pressure is on.

Because the word among the parents is that this is the biggest race of Perry's life so far, and it could determine where he goes to college and a few other incidentals like that.

And I hope he knows that we'll be proud of him no matter what he does.

But I desperately don't want him to be disappointed in himself.

Hence the knot of dread that has been growing in my stomach for the past several weeks, since the coach told us there might be a chance for Perry to place.
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Dh passed out after I got him home, post-wisdom tooth removal.

Anne-Chloe did too.

Today I'm 3 for 3. I took Perry in to get an ingrown toe nail dealt with... He was a bit shaky during much of the procedure, turning slightly green with the toe nail was nipped out.

He was sitting up afterwards, and not looking good. Then I noticed his lips were turning white, and whiter, and his skin was getting pale. He asked the doctor for a bag because he thought he had to throw up, the doctor left, two seconds later, Perry was out. Guy came back, got the chair inclined back and he came to VERY quickly. I only got a bit panicky, calling out "Perry. Perry. Stay awake. Answer me. Perry."

So yeah. He's fine. He was only out for a few seconds, but he was so freaking pale and his lips were completely white.

I am NOT taking any of my children or my spouse to any type of outpatient procedure by myself ever fucking again.

I feel like crying.

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I'm putting all this under a cut since there will be photos and there will be videos! Beware! And it will be long too, since, eh, it was a long weekend.

However, it was an amazingly wonderful weekend, for so many reasons!

NOTE: if you can't see the video linked here, it can be seen on my flickr site: Regionals 2016.

Read more... )


More photos and videos at the flickr album Regionals 2016.

What an absolutely amazing weekend!
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First the most important news: re-MRI today showed the epidural abscess about 1mm smaller (they didn't have the full radiology report, just that bit), which is good, though probably close to margin of error, ya know? Anyhow, pending review of the scan by the attending, the neurosurgeons feel we can... wait and re-scan in two weeks. Which is fine, since antibiotics working really are the best case scenario!

She's dropped her biology class, which will set her back a quarter for getting into the "competitive major" she wants, but it's a lab class and she's better of focusing on just one lab class, the chemistry one, which is part of a series, and would REALLY set her back if she had to drop that. We don't really monitor her grades, but we won't make a fuss no matter what she gets this quarter (as long as the chem grade is enough to get her into the next chem class!)

I just hope we can get full tuition back for the bio class. I hope, since the records of hospital etc are all there.

This weekend was busy busy busy. It was the State meet, and held over in Eastern Washington, in Wenatchee. We already knew we'd drive AC there, since she was supposed to get out of her bio class at 3:30 and needed to be in Wenatchee, 3 hours away, in about 3 hours, and the highway she'd have to take is... iffy at best. But because of the antibiotics, we decided to just go spend the weekend there ourselves... Only dh had the Dem district caucuses. Problem. I found the solution: dh, and Linnea, took the train back on Sunday morning, so he could be at the caucuses, and Perry and I would come home that evening with AC after she was done.

There is not much to do in Wenatchee, and what with getting out the hospital on Wed, we didn't have bikes ready, so we really had few plans of what to do. So I checked the distance, and the tour times, and Perry and I headed out to the Grand Coulee Dam. We'd driven by once before, but after visitor center hours. This time we got to check out the visitor center, and go on the tour, which was pretty cool, to be honest. They drove us out onto the top of the dam, something I'd done plenty of times on other dams in the pre Sept 11 era, but Perry had never.

Learned some interesting stuff, and since I'm SO totally a civil engineering monument geek, I was thrilled to be there!

Cut for photos... )

Anyhow, it was a nice day trip. Perry is a cool kid to be around.
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My doom is sealed. In a fun way.

We just signed up for our yearly bike rides, that we missed last summer. Flying Wheels, a nasty hilly metric century in early June, and the Seattle to Portland, 204 miles! It's just dh, Perry, and me this year, Anne-Chloe having said "oh hell no" about doing it again.

We need to buy Perry a bike (sigh.... decent road bikes are expensive, even if we buy used) and get training.

The three things I am not looking forward to:

-- Getting up early for STP Day 1. I hate hate hate the nauseated feeling of getting up too early.

-- The hill into Napavine at the end of the day, 110 miles in, on STP Day 1.

-- All the condescending Good Jobs! tossed at the fatty biking. Those hurt my soul in a way I'll never fully be able to articulate. Someone I know, when I was complaining about it, said it was the compliment giver's way to welcoming me to the biking community.... To which someone else pointed out, which really helped me in articulating my feelings on this, that this was seriously othering, because it assumed I needed welcoming into anything, it removed the default if you're doing this ride, you're a cyclist into something that can be bestowed by someone wanting to feel good about tossing a compliment the fatty's way. They are. I must be given. So blah.

Also, OMG, I'm going to be biking with a taller than me teenaged boy. Why do I sense he's going to just head to Portland and call us from the Finish Line? (He's not 18, so he can't do the one day solo, poor kid, or he'd be sure to try.)
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The piece was adapted, by Perry, from the music from Skyrim. I hate the fact that video games people and Miyazaki don't publish scores for the music!

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Perry's lamp came and it's a garish as I expected it to be.

He's a bit dismayed that the dragonflies have blue eyes, not purple as in the description.

This is the lamp he choose:


I've shared photos of his room, right? The room that emits a nuclear green glow into the hallway?

This room?

He likes green.

Also, note: we're moving in Thursday. Nothing was done at the house today, there were no workers at all. FML.
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I got the MMR today. I apologize to my children for not giving them ice cream AND soda AND cookies after their shots. Because it fucking HURT. OTOH, it's done.

Why is it done? Because I told AC I'd buy her a latte if she reminded me to do it, I kept on "forgetting".

What is annoying? I do, in fact, need a second dose, ie the full MMR course. When I asked the person the kids see, they said most places will take one booster dose for adults, but yeah, NSM. Oh well. Had I known I was going to have to get TWO shots, I'd have opted for the titer (which I know would be fine since I had one done while pregnant. Alas, I have no idea what happened to my records for 18 years ago, since there were provider issues.). That said, I don't pay for the vaccine, and I would have to pay for the titer, so whatever.

The builder "thinks" they've found replacement granite. We've seen a sample. Bzzzzt, no, this is still the lower grade. To be clear, builder. The granite we HAD was black with some grey and lots of large pieces pretty shiny mica. The one you are trying to get us to agree to is grey with some black and a few small bits of pretty shiny mica. Keep looking.... :( We're pretty much resigned to laminate. :(

I went to Costco yesterday. I bought my 12 year old -since last week!- a size 7 Rainbow Dash costume. OMG.

I really hate emotional vampires. Especially on forums (fora?) They drain all the air from discussions by bringing everything back to themselves, and pointing out how miserable they are if someone requests supports and is then dismayed that the vampire had made it so that everyone pretty much... ignores them. Ugh.

See above: I got the MMR today. And now I have a migraine!!!! It's a vaccine reaction, I know it is! (Yawn. No, its not.)

What I wrote to some friends earlier:

So we're in a rental, and the landlord has been very kind, letting us extend our lease as the remodel took longer and longer and....

Yesterday morning, he texted dh to say the house was being painted yesterday and today.

Grr, because there is plastic over the windows etc, and it's 90F outside.

But here is the sad rant part?

The inside of the house has HORRID paint colours. Think pistachio and peach in the main area, and periwinkle blue in the bathrooms. Which is fine in the master bath, but since the main bath has turquoise blue sinks, it clashes.

The outside, however, was not repainted. It was cream, with a nice green trim. Needed re-doing.

When the landlord said he was repainting in grey, I figured one of the two greys that has become ubiquitous in the Pac NW, either a shimmery silvery grey, or a deep stormy grey (we're considering both for our house when we repaint. Can't decide which.)

But no.

The house has been repainted brownish grey, with a baby diarrhea brown door, and cream trim. It's SO ugly.

Hopefully I'll only have to look at it for one more month......

Perry has a regatta on Saturday. He's supposed to race at 5:45 PM. I do have to confirm that he really needs to be there for the coaches/rowers/judges or whatever it's called meeting at... 5:45 AM.

I have figured out a way to borrow books on my Kindle from the library system without getting an evil Bibliocommons account. I don't know if this is new, or if the instructions weren't there before, but YAY!!!!!

I've been reading a whole bunch of books by Tanya Huff. I'd started her vampire books at one point, but really, I hate vampire books, and as a result, I stupidly dismissed the author. Then I picked up the first of the Valor series on CD. Light, funny, SF. And now I'm reading a few other of her series.

Considering what I've seen so far of stainless steel appliances? I'm going to wish I could have gotten simple white one, and be very grateful that the blue range should be easier to keep clean.

Hot out. Blah.
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WP_20140612_11_12_04_ProWe did find a nice tshirt, in a pretty dark plum, that looked nice with his black pants and the -left hanging open- button shirt.

The school had pretty yellow rose boutonnieres for the boys (and corsages for the girls). Alas they gave them to the kids before the breakfast and after eating Perry went to play basketball. His rose looked rather on the wilted withered side by the time the ceremony started.

It was great, though. The class is small -46 students- and faculty said a bit about each student, and it was mostly hilarious. Remembering the bad puns, the terrible jokes, the pranks, the funny habits, and also the accomplishments. It was so clear that the teachers both knew and liked the kids. The audience laughed a lot.

Of course every time a vocabulary word was used, the kids all made an ooh-ah! noise!

Anyhow, he's all continuated, and will be in OMG 9th grade next year. OMG. 9th grade.

We survived middle school. Here's hoping we make it through high school as well!
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His yellow rose boutonniere is totally wrecked and he is bright red. From the basketball game. Sigh... He could be so cute, he looks completely disheveled.
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Perry has his "continuation" ceremony today, at 10am.

Provided he survives until then.

Despite being asked at least 4 times (by both me and dh) if all his clothing was ready, he showed up this morning wearing the clothes... black pants, black dress shirt, open over a..... wait. the black shirt is buttoned up. He looks like a crow.

Where is the tshirt?

Well, it turns out the boy doesn't have a single plain tshirt. Which, to be honest, I did not know. When he looked this morning, he didn't find one.

I have no idea what he was doing each time he went down to check that he actually had everything clean.

Yes, my fault, I should have asked to see the actual outfit.

Note that the pretty green and blue dress shirt from Gap that my mother bought him would have looked really nice with this outfit, but he lost it, never to be seen again, the first time he wore it to school.

Then I notice the pants. Which are too big.

Oh rilly?

Oh wait. He's wearing an old pair of (boy) dress pants of his sister's. That fit length-wise, but are baggy. Baggy dress pants look awful.

His regular pants, which is what he'd said he'd be wearing? That fit nicely and look real nice on him?

Are dirty.

I spot clean those, iron them (evil iron!). Dh had already ironed the dress shirt.

Target opens at 8am. We don't have to be at the celebration breakfast until 8:30, we should have time. Please say a prayer to any god you may beleive in that Target has plain tshirts. In Perry's size. In a neutral colour that is not lime green or day-glo orange.

St.Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, right?

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