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... of the menus post.

It's chaos here. School has started, the kids are all over the place, I'm all over the place. Normally Wednesday is leftovers night, but it's being moved to Thursday, because dh, AC, and maybe I will all be home Very Late on Thursday, and nobody is going to want to cook.

Saturday: chili cheese dogs, roasted cabbage.

Sunday: grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts

Monday: pasta with ground beef, onions, mushrooms, and tomato sauce

Tuesday: chicken sate, roasted cauliflower, saffron rice

Wednesday: strata with applewood bacon, onions, apples, cheddar, and poppy seeds (*)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: buttermilk chicken, broccoli, roasted potatoes

(*) The poppy seeds really add an extra finishing touch to the dish. Now, granted, I love poppy seeds, but I do think they're worth adding!

Next week, I'm going to start clearning out the freezers to get some of the older stuff gone. I just don't have time this week.
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50 invited. I expect 30-40. The one request I'm making is if people want to bring anything, that they bring fruit, which is a last minute PITA to cut up.

Brunch isn't until 10 and I have two ovens.

Muffins: done in advance.

Grapefruit quickbread (Smitten Kitchen, loooove that recipe): done in advance.

Bacon, maybe sausages: done in advance.

Sourdough bread: done (by Perry) that morning, he'll sign up for oven time. Bread will proof in the fridge overnight.

Cheese platter: done in advance.

Fake food but everyone loooove them caramel delights: prep overnight, oven time in morning.

Scones: mix and bake in the morning. Flour/levening will be premixed, so no thought necessary.

Starbucks Travelers for the coffee, I can handle the tea.

The big last minute is scrambled eggs, but I have two pans, and Perry will help.

I'm still figuring out paper/plastic vs renting plates and silverware, and I'll "hire" Anne-Chloe and the teenager next door as unskilled labour (note that Perry is skilled labour on this one!).

One important thing: AC's espresso machine will be PUT AWAY. I do not want to get into the espresso drinks for everyone mode, THAT would be a pain!

I just hope my deck is done by then. :)
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I still have to write up my shopping list. After some rather gruesome dental work, I'm on antibiotics and they appear to make my stomach hurt, and OMG, the nausea. It's not going to be a fun 10 days. End result is a very uninspired set of menus. We're having yellow curry on Saturday because AC hates it, and she'll be off on her backpacking/climbing trip.

Monday: Mole chicken, onions, rice, green beans

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Orange chicken, rice, broccoli

Thursday: Rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans

Friday: LO chicken spring rolls, sprouts, lettuce, rice noodles and paper

Saturday: Yellow curry with turkey meatballs, rice, roasted cauliflower

Sunday: Chicken stew with the last of the rotisserie chicken, carrots, mashed potatoes

I just noticed that it's a very chicken-y week too!
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We're going out to eat on Wednesday. There. Decided. It's been... well, probably a few months since the last time we went out, I can't remember when it was? Perry's birthday, maybe? We don't eat out often. But I'm feeling burnt out on cooking and shopping, and I think pizza out will go a long way towards helping! :-) I mean, pizza out, right? How can that not help?


Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: Leftover frozen mac and cheese

Wednesday: Out. We need the break.

Thursday: Mayberry's sticky chicken, roasted carrots, orzo

Friday: MaPo tofu, rice, green beans

Saturday: Jerk chicken breast, yam purée, broccoli

Sunday: Butter chicken, saffron rice, roasted cauliflower.

I'm really sick of food and cooking. I think I could eat toast for a few months.
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I had a few meals pre-planned this week, so I didn't sit down to finish this up until this morning. It's a relatively uninspired week, but I'm using some stuff from the pantry/freezer, and I guess that's good.

Perry is going to have a snit fit, since he detests polenta, but I just want something different. None of the kids really like any starches except bread, so there are bitter complaints about everything AC: hates rice, except risotto, pasta, and potatoes except fried, eats polenta, tolerates gnocci. Perry: loves all rices, some pasta, depends on the shape, not fond of potatoes except fries, detests polenta and tolerates gnocci. Linnea: likes pasta, love friestolerates everything else, though she insists on eating any carb separate from whatever it's served with, and with ketchup. All of these preferences can changes on a day to day basis, and I'm never sure when I put a carb out on the table which children are going to be complaining. And no, they don't get fries at all. I make roasted potatoes from time to time, and they all like those. Sometimes. But I don't fry anything.


Monday: Caramel chickenw with rice and steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Beef stew with bread and some veg

Thursday: Polenta with sautéed spinach and fried egg

Friday: Pulled pork (leftover) and baked beans with carrots

Saturday: Chili with cornbread and broccoli

Sunday: Grilled tandori-spiced chicken with rice and roasted cauliflower
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Not the most inspiring week ever, but we're all very tired, and easy is the name of the game. Plus on Saturday, dh, Perry, and I are going up to the tulip fields in Skagit County to do the Tulip Pedal We'll be doing the 40 miles, we hope.

Anyhow. This week.

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Leftover saffron rice with frozen butter chicken

Wednesday: Apple-and-onion strata

Thursday: Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Friday: Chicken with lemon-pepper pasta and capers, steamed green beans

Saturday: Slow Cooker pulled pork on rolls, carrots.

Sunday: Caramel chicken with rice, steamed broccoli
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I'm late on this one! Leftover night was moved from Monday night, our usual, to Saturday. No particular reason for Saturday, btw. Maybe it'll be Sunday. We'll see.

For the record, I used one of my stew bricks for the beef stew, and I was planning on starting it before we left in the morning, but forgot. Was able to send dh, who went home to pick up crutches and a few other things, instructions for getting it on via text: And put on dinner. Take one stew brick from outside freezer and one quart beef broth, either pantry or downstairs. In crockpot on high. Confirm, ok? Thx and love. Heh.

Monday: Sticky rice in bamboo leaves, green beans

Tuesday: AC surgery: beef stew in crockpot

Wednesday: Gnocchi with tomato sauce and broccoli

Thursday: Muffuletta and green bean salad

Friday: Grilled chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans

Saturday: Leftovers night

Sunday: Chicken vindaloo with curried cauliflower and saffron rice.
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BTW, part of the reason I post them here is so that I can access them when I'm out of the house and have forgotten my shopping list. Which, really, never happens. Much.

I need to get to the Asian grocery store for hot bean paste, and rice wine. I need rice vinegar too, I'm out, though I can get that Trader Joe's. Or maybe I'll just skip the rice wine and sub sherry.

I really do need to persuade dh to get a rice cooker. We don't really have room for it, but I think it's one of those things we should make room for... somewhere. We tend to eat a lot of rice, since it's the only starch aside from bread that all three kids will eat.

Monday: Chicken sausages, grilled onions, rolls

Tuesday: Jerk chicken with yam puree

Wednesday: Orange Hoisin Chicken with broccoli and rice

Thursday: Gemelli with tomato sauce, meatballs (turkey or veg), and mushrooms

Friday: Ma Po Tofu iwth rice and Gai lan (with ground chicken)

Saturday: Potsticker soup (crockpot)

Sunday: Chicken samosas, roasted curried cauliflower.
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I'm going to to d a week of cleaning out the freezer(s) again. Items in ALL CAPS are from the freezer.

This is almost embarrassing: much of what is in my freezers? Dessert. Why? Because I make it, we have some, I freeze the rest. And -ahem- forget that it's there. I'm sure my kids will be enjoying the next week as I attempt to get rid of a few things. I mean... who freezes Oreo cookies? Me, apparently.

We eat a lot of rice. AC isn't too fond of it, but they all hate pasta and most potatoes, so rice is the grain by default.

There are so many things I want to make these days... I have a recipe for butter chicken I want to try, and I've wanted to make some tandoori chicken for a while... but I also would like some extra room in my freezer, so some of this stuff has gotta get eaten!

Monday: CHICKEN SAUSAGE with grilled onions on ROLLS. Broccoli.

Tuesday: Eggs and English muffins with mushrooms.

Wednesday: TURKEY BURGERS with "fries", and grilled zucchini

Thursday: SPICED PORK CHOPS with rice and spinach

Friday: STEAK with bread, grilled green onions, and some veg or another

Saturday: Chili with bread and carrots (snowshoeing?)

Sunday: CHINESE BBQ PORK "fried" rice with peas and carrots, Broccoli.
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Menus for the week. Linnea's bday is on Sunday, and she made two requests: Red Robin and... chicken noodle soup, out of the can, with crackers. OK. Whatever. We can do that! I'll probably make cinnamon rolls (as opposed to sticky buns which we all like better) for breakfast on her bday.

Anyhow. Simple stuff this week. I'm not much in the mood for anything complex.

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Turkey breast burgers with whole wheat buns and roasted broccoli

Wednesday: tortillas with romaine, (homemade) chicken nuggets, and yogurt sauce

Thursday: enchilada casserole with pulled pork, olives etc. Veg?

Friday: Chili and cornbread, carrots.

Saturday: For Linnea: Canned soup and crackers with some veggie.

Sunday: Linnea bday. Her choice: dinner out.
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I'll have an extra teenager on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings! I'll double my pizza dough recipe, I think....

Rotisserie chickens usually last three meals, four if I make stock then stew with the carcass, which I might or might not do here.


Grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, veggies, rhubarb cake


Rotisserie chicken, pasta, and broccoli

Vietnamese spring rolls with leftover chicken, mint, etc

Tortilla casserole with leftover chicken, olives.. veggie

Sunday: My birthday! :-) Salt and pepper potato chips, this tart, seriously modified, grilled steak and green onions on homemade Kaiser rolls.
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My mom will be visiting from tomorrow though Saturday, which of course means that there will be bags of chips all over the place. Rhetorical question: How can she eat so much junk food and stay so thin? I just wish I didn't have to be around it all week.

Anyhow, menus for the week. I'm not feeling very inspired.

I, as of yet, don't have a recipe for the Chinese bbq pork. Yeah, I can google, but if anyone has tried a recipe and liked it, I'd love a link!

I'm nervous about the jerk chicken. I make my own blend of jerk spices, and I lost the post-it with the proportions at some point. I'll be experimenting again, I suppose.


Jerk chicken with yams and sauteed spinach

Chinese bbq pork with white rice, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

AC Middle School Graduation and Reception. No dinner planned.

Chicken samosas with curried cauliflower and carrots

Asian Noodles with Pan-Seared Flank Steak

Frittata (mushrooms and chicken Italian sausage)
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Almost done with May and Any Weeks Containing Any Bit of May that marked my yearly clean out the freezer and the cupboards. I did pretty well, overall, actually. I still have to go through the cupboards to toss anything left that isn't going to get used. There is still some overly processed food from the 'camping' stash that needs to be eaten, and I'll do that off and on over the next few weeks. I'm also finding that I need a better system for getting rid deciding what needs to be part of the Cleanout. Because chicken broth? I use enough of that there is no reason to rotate it.

Next project of that type is to inventory my homemade jams and decide what I need to make this year. Probably strawberry. Heh.

Anyhow, menus for this week. Items from the Cleanout are in CAPS. Nothing real interesting, sigh.... Next week will be better.

Leftover saffron rice with chicken sausage, cauliflower and spinach

RAVIOLI (chicken and sundried Ts) with veggie

HAM casserole of some sort with mushrooms

POTSTICKER soup (carrots, onions, mushroom, cabbage)

GREEN CHILI and pork tortillas. Veggie.

Homemade pizza with SAUCE

Polenta with spinach and eggs.

[eta] One of the things I have found over the past month? About three stashes of homemade pizza sauce! I've also found a whole bunch of Boboli pizza sauce, all frozen. I often buy the crusts from Costco for emergencies, and we don't really like the sauce, it's very sweet and full of HFCS, but I toss the packets unopened in the freezer? WTF, self? Heh. I do need to figure out how to pre-parbake and freeze my own crusts.
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Monday: Potsticker soup

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Leftovers (leftover apple chicken sausage, caramelised onions, and mashed potatoes, with some cheese on top. Well liked by all kids.). Broccoli

Thursday: chili with cornbread and some veggie or another

Friday: Momos, green onion pancakes, broccolini with hoisin sauce

Saturday: Polenta with greens and poached eggs

Sunday: Grilled lamb, saffron rice, green beans.

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