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Done with this. We have 1.15 acre of land and the only place they can put our system is the 200sqft of my roses.

I thought we had a solution that spared the roses. It seems that the septic project manager never talked to the guys who do the work.

Fuck the damn county and their environmental regulations that keep the water pristine so that all the cities downstream can pollute pure water.

And we just paid a few extra thousand to demolish some concrete in an area the septic manager told us to, in the interest again of sparing my garden, and the installers now say they can't use that area anyhow.

ETA. Here's what seems to happen with all the contractors we've dealt with, from the builder on down: nobody tells you the whole truth, and they play hot potato with information, tossing it around to make sure we never EVER have the whole picture.

When I was processing my c-section with AC, one of the things that had been the hardest to swallow was that I was lied to at least twice, at critical points, by my midwives. In both cases, the medical records are at odds with what I was told, and dh remembers my version of what happened. It was difficult because I kept on coming back to one thing: how can I make the correct decision, or a full informed decision, when I'm not being given true information? Answer is that you can't. It was not that "nobody knows", it's that the information given was incorrect or a lie. And that's what I constantly feel like here, that I'm either not given information to allow me to make an informed decision, or everyone tosses the truth around, and it never lands anywhere long enough for us to take a good look at it, and assess its import.

On the positive side, if I don't call this whole project off and take King County to court, we apparently can use the tanks if they're in by Friday, the electrical, which is supposed to go in Mondays (nobody scheduled it. The builder and the septic people each though the other one was going to, and each told us it had been done, thinking the other party had done it. So we'd not be completely dependent on the port-a-potty.

Right now, we've made it clear that they can damn well dig the ditches behind the roses by fucking hand.

Also, I just added the "birth" tag to this post. Bizarre, eh?

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