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2019-01-17 11:52 pm

Friends only.

This journal is friends only. Please leave a comment and I'll probably friend you.

And yes, for the record, this is much NC-17 rated Snack here. Heh.
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2019-01-17 11:52 pm

Friends only.

This journal is friends only. Please leave a comment and I'll probably friend you.

And yes, for the record, this is much NC-17 rated Snack here. Heh.
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2017-09-16 03:19 pm
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The dreaded return...

... of the menus post.

It's chaos here. School has started, the kids are all over the place, I'm all over the place. Normally Wednesday is leftovers night, but it's being moved to Thursday, because dh, AC, and maybe I will all be home Very Late on Thursday, and nobody is going to want to cook.

Saturday: chili cheese dogs, roasted cabbage.

Sunday: grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts

Monday: pasta with ground beef, onions, mushrooms, and tomato sauce

Tuesday: chicken sate, roasted cauliflower, saffron rice

Wednesday: strata with applewood bacon, onions, apples, cheddar, and poppy seeds (*)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: buttermilk chicken, broccoli, roasted potatoes

(*) The poppy seeds really add an extra finishing touch to the dish. Now, granted, I love poppy seeds, but I do think they're worth adding!

Next week, I'm going to start clearning out the freezers to get some of the older stuff gone. I just don't have time this week.
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2017-09-14 10:13 pm
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More gender stuff.

Oh snap, Linnea got Perry this time.

I wrote this, to quote myself, a few days ago:

Linnea names things. It drives Perry nuts. He carefully refers to Linnea's named objects as "it" to make sure he does not get caught in the family dynamic of referring to Linnea's travelling pig, Pinky Pie as "she" or to his own slow-the-boy-down-when-rowing buoy, Simon, as he.

Texting today, Linnea mentioned that she'd never given Oinkster, her USB drive a gender.

Perry followed up with three texts about how she was trying to put Oinkster in a box of he/she, and that Oinkster preferred "they/them".

I sense that a new front has been opened in this conflict. Heh.

So. Linnea texted yesterday that at her rowing club, they'd christened a new boat: No, but seriously, we got a new boat. His (or they're (sic)) I'm not assuming anything) name is Spencer Bros, dedicated to these rower dudes..."

Perry texts back: "She. Boats are female."

Linnea: [Flat affect emoticon]

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2017-09-13 01:09 pm
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What is the gender of the USB pig?

Linnea names things. It drives Perry nuts. He carefully refers to Linnea's named objects as "it" to make sure he does not get caught in the family dynamic of referring to Linnea's travelling pig, Pinky Pie as "she" or to his own slow-the-boy-down-when-rowing buoy, Simon, as he.

Texting today, Linnea mentioned that she'd never given Oinkster, her USB drive a gender.

Perry followed up with three texts about how she was trying to put Oinkster in a box of he/she, and that Oinkster preferred "they/them".

I sense that a new front has been opened in this conflict. Heh.

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2017-09-08 09:44 am
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The Dreamers.

Ugh. As if we didn't have a zillion reasons to hate him, but the blatant stupidity and cruelty of Trump's actions on DACA are just... beyond the pale.

Let's assume that you want to throw the book at illegal immigrants. I do think that is ill-advised, but there is some minor justification in that "they broke the law!". Though, again, I think we need them, so legalization is a better long term plan.


The so-called Dreamers. They came here as children. Children. They were not responsible for being here. They did nothing wrong, and if the data on them as a group is anything to go by, they are doing a lot of things right, as adults, and young adults.

This is flat out stupid and ridiculous. Continue DACA or, even better, give it up, and just grant them US citizenship.

The man truly is putrid scum, and Jeff Sessions is no better.
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2017-09-06 06:39 am
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Linnea starts high school today. She barely let me take a photo! She marched herself off to the bus stop! She was in a foul mood!

What gets me? The new late start high school still has her bus pick her up at 6:40am. Late start? I shudder at how early things must have been last year. Her pick up time is very early, but then again,she gets back early.

And in more makes me want to cry, it's Perry's last first day of high school. I'm feeling very emotional about that.
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2017-08-31 09:11 pm
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There is video of Perry in here.... there is more of his teammates in doubles, he's by himself in a single, wearing a yellow-gold ("athletic gold") shirt, with a pony tail. The cool footage is him trying to prevent an 8 from passing him. He failed. But he put up a good fight!

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2017-08-29 11:01 pm
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The things...

The things nobody tells you:

That if you choose an instrument other than a string instrument, you don't get to play music in high school, you get to service the football team and play peppy! shorts each time someone gets a concussion or a traumatic brain injury!

I despise football.

I despise marching bands of all sort. Stupid, ugly costumes, ugly music.

And major conflicts with just about everything this fall because Linnea has to be out there paying homage to the most stupid Americans aside from Trump voters: football players.

So much for real symphonic band.

Fucking liars.
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2017-08-21 10:05 pm


That was the most amazing thing I've seen in my life.

Plus ideal eclipse viewing for introverts: Dh, the kids, and me, and.... nobody anywhere near us.
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2017-08-20 07:21 am
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Have glasses...

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2017-08-13 03:18 pm
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One of those moments...

There are people in your life that you know in their role and then when all of a sudden you see them slightly outside of it, and you realize how even more incredible they are than you even thought before.

We adore Perry's coach (she coached Linnea this summer, and Linnea has the cutest little girl crush on her!). She's one of those positive coaches who can get the most out of any kid willing to work, and she's allowed us to see some extraordinary sights of Perry, glimpses perhaps of the adult I hope he become.

So Perry is going to Head of the Charles. His regular training has now been stepped up, this is going to be high intensity intense. His coach has him using the erg (rowing machine) we have at home, and requests his times and splits, so he can't slack off! And yesterday, he was helping out with a private lesson for some adults (one of the adults worked with him a bit last summer when she was learning to row and wanted to again, she really likes Perry.) After that water workout, the coach had Perry erg a 5k, about the distance of the Head of the Charles race.

And she walked him through it. She's been a coxswain (on winning boats) there more than a few times, and knows the course. The 18 minutes of that 5k on the erg were incredible. She was right there, shouting, as if coxing, encouraging, pushing, telling him to get his stroke rate up, and she did all of it telling him approximately where he would be with respect to the race course, and what he would be seeing at about that time in the area, and where to point. It was a coaching session like I have never seen before.

I'd loved to video the whole thing, but I hadn't asked permission before, so didn't want to (she has very little e-presence), but man, that was amazing.

He beat his best 5k time by quite a bit.

I'm not surprised now that she was a winning university level and beyond coxswain!
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2017-08-10 06:01 pm

So done with the weather.


I am so fucking done with this horrid weather. I want grey skies and beautiful, cool WET rain.

And clean air along with it.

(No, I don't like summer, and the smoke from the BC wildfires is making it exponentially worse.)
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2017-08-08 10:40 am
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Boston, here we come!!!!!!!

OMG, people.

So Perry "won the lottery" and will be rowing in Boston for Head of the Charles. This is the biggest regatta in North America, and the fact that his coaches thought he is good enough to be safe, and have it be worth entering for him is a big deal.

OMG. David, Perry and I will be in Boston the weekend of October 21/22, I guess.

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2017-08-06 08:59 am
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And kittens we shall have...

These are the first photos of our kittens! They were born 31 July, and should be coming home late September. They're Norwegian Forest Cats, and we're all excited as heck!

This is the girl:


It was tough. We had a choice between "Girl 1" and "Girl 2". Perry and I thought Girl 1 was cuter, the other three were all for Girl 2. So we lost out on that one. That said, Girl 2 is plenty cute!

And here is the whole litter. We're also getting the cream boy!

At this point, tentatively, the girl will be named Auri, from Pat Rothfuss' _The Name of the Wind_, a favourite book for three of us, and a great character. Also, we thought, a good name. The boy will be Twisp.

Note that they're very little, just a few days old. Linnea was slightly distressed when she saw the photos. I think she expected them to look like cute month or so old kittens. Clearly she has not been exposed to newborns... I mean, you may love them, but they're cuter later on!

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2017-08-02 06:40 pm
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Most people are familiar, when it comes to bacon based sandwiches with the "BLT". That it what normal people who like tomatoes (and usually mayo, ew) and bacon sandwiches eat.

My son... well, NSM.

He eats "BBC".

Bacon, butter, and cheese.

All I can say is... rowing.

He doesn't have weight issues, and probably won't even if he wants to row as a lightweight, but that is SO not healthy.

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2017-07-29 11:26 pm
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The cord eating monster...

This is not a rave, but it isn't really a rant. It's more of a bemused, amused, shaking my head rant.

See, I think there is a monster of some sort, probably a grid bug, that is stealing USB to micro USB cords to make a nest. I can't think of any other reason that I've bought 24 cords in the past year, and, noting that every device that comes into the house has its own cord, I can only account for the whereabouts of 6 of those cords. 18 are AWOL. That may not sound like a lot, but remember, these cords are supposed to be SPARES, in addition to the ones that came with each device, plus the ones that came from devices now dead. Granted a few cords have died here and there but....

There is still a deficit of at least 15 cords.


Somewhere in my house there is either:

-- a copper thief, collecting cords to strip for their copper and sell in the black market

-- a grid bug making a nest of cords. I expect my house will soon be overrun with thousands of baby grid bugs.
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2017-07-29 09:59 pm
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It's supposed to hit 104F on Thursday. I'm feeling a bit sick just thinking about it. And a lot of panic. I don't deal well with the heat, and this is fucking hot hot hot.

Our thermostat is in the coolest room in the house... dh and builder agreed that it was The Best Place to put it, and I was protesting but nobody listened, not even my spouse, who usually does. I have no idea what they were thinking. So the thermostat is in the room that remains the coolest in the summer, and the warmest in the winter. Needless to say, we use the fireplace in the winter a lot.

Desperately looking for replacement thermostats with a remote sensing unit. Preferably one that has fucking buttons to control it, not a fucking app.


I may use the reverse trick of the one we use at school, where we keep an icepack for the thermostat in the winter. If I put a warm sock filled with rice on the damn thing......
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2017-07-21 08:10 am

Head: officially spinning.

One more of those bulk posts with all sorts of stuff in it, because I am basically the proverbial chicken with my head cut off running all over the place trying to figure something out.

MS degree: plate seeds, wait two weeks, plant seedlings in dirt, wait two weeks, extract DNA from seedlings, test is via PCR. If some show the trait you want, rejoice, mark them... And wait weeks and weeks and weeks for seeds to be ready to harvest. Harvest. Plate seeds, wait...... I'm at this point more or less on track for focusing on writing and wrapping up lab work during fall quarter and defending next winter. Since I started this particular project last July (ie two quarters late), I'm not unhappy with my progress. Just waiting for grass to grow.....

Perry: he went to a regatta last Saturday, did really well, and had a good time. It was a small regatta, with a points trophy that his school won, because they entered 7 races, with four kids, and won 6 of them. Perry raced 4 times, won 3. The race they didn't win was a pair, ie sweeping, and just two boys. That's a difficult configuration and not one they practice, the coach entered them just to see, since it was a low stakes small (free!) regatta.

I almost hesitate to say this out loud, but we threw his name in the Goblet of Fire for an entry to the Head of the Charles in Boston in October. Think New York Marathon for rowing, as to the prestige/size/etc of the event. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

And, in a miracle I'm not sure is real, because I can't believe it: SAT and ACT testing, three, four if he gets Boston regattas this fall.... and not a single conflict. I'm shocked. Shocked.

In a failed attempt to slow Perry down and give him a better workout by adding drag, Perry's coach gave him a rope and a buoy haul behind his boat. Linnea named the buoy Simon. Perry is not pleased, but too bad, Simon it is. Linnea and I threatened to add ears, whiskers, and eyes to Simon and Perry complained that he didn't want a furry as a buoy.

Linnea is doing rowing summer camp with Perry and his crewmates. She's... both doing great and having a hard time. She's so funny, she's got a total girl crush on the coach (not hard, coach is awesome). Anyhow, she's learning, and doing as well as can be expected, but is very hard on herself. Perry is being surprisingly kind, as are all the kids in the program, which is less surprising.

Did I mention that her trip to Scotland and Ireland was a total 100% spectacular success? She had a blast. I can't WAIT to see photos, she won't show us any until she shows us the official slide show she's made.... but we've not had time to plan a full evening with the whole family to do that.

AC is doing great. Did I mention she scored an internship at Fred Hutch? I'm so jealous. The class she's taking (which catches her up in the biology track from the quarter she missed because of the brain abcess).

I'm annoyed because I always buy avocados at Trader Joe's and they always ripen in a day or so, sometimes two. I have had this four pack for 4 days and they could still be used to load canons.

Have to contact the breeder again for an update on the cats that were pregnant. This process has not gone well, to say the least, I'm a bit annoyed. I said from the very start that my only thing was no tuxedos, and no girlies with a dark face. I just can't. Especially black girl cats. I miss my sweet old lady so much, and I just can't.... Anyhow, all the kitties she's offered us have been... tortie girls with dark faces. Nope. Anyhow. Gotta ping her again to see.

Dh, Linnea, and I are headed camping this weekend, out by the ocean. Got a crazy awesome campsite about 3 weeks ago, which is just unheard of, I expect it was a cancellation. Alas, Anne-Chloe has school and work Monday morning, so she can't come, and Perry didn't want to, and since it wasn't a family trip anyhow, we're letting him stay home. Linnea is upset, I'm a bit sad for her. It just figures that the one child who deeply cares about having her family around her etc is the youngest who will get the least of that, ya know?

OK. I have to shut up and get to bed.
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2017-06-30 06:12 pm
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The detail. OMG, the detail!

I found this absolutely incredible. Hopefully the embed will work...