24 Apr 2017

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I'm annoyed.

We can't bring any food or drink into lab, so typically, there are tables in front of all the lab rooms, instructional or research, with water bottles, food, cups etc.

Today my pretty purple Hydroflask was stolen from in front of the lab. :( They're expensive (mine was about $30), but they're pretty well represented in the plethora in front of the labs, so it's not like nobody leaves expensive bottles, ya know? I don't know why mine was chosen for theft today, but I'm upset.

It's replaceable. I'm very lucky, but the product is still available, I can go to REI and get a new one, in the same colour even, and, while annoying, the $30 loss isn't going to kill me.

Here is what is getting to me.

There was a very slight defect in the powder coating, about the size of a grain of sand, but it was perfectly positioned to where if my index finger was on it, everything was in perfect drinking alignment. I never had to check to make sure that I wasn't going to spill tea down my front, my finger already had the answer. I'll miss that.

That said... I am planning on bringing it into lab with me from now on. I'll step outside to drink, but I'll find a spot to put it somewhere inside by the door, though there isn't any obvious place. I hope my PI will be ok with this, AND, more importantly, we don't get busted by the safety patrol. Or maybe I just have to live without getting up for a few sips of tea when I have a moment, and instead head back downstairs to my office for more breaks. We'll see. Blah.

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