19 Apr 2017

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My family. So. John Scalzi, a favourite author of all of ours, is in Seattle for a book signing tonight. We all planned on going, it was on everyone's calendar. Then one of Linnea's bffs invited her to a family dinner for her birthday. -1. Then AC ended up with an exam at 8am tomorrow morning, so her study group is cramming. -2. Then Dh figured out that the Board Meeting that was rescheduled from last week (they couldn't get their quorum) was rescheduled for... tonight. -3. So it was just going to be Perry and me. And last night Perry mentions that tonight is the major college admission event as his school. WHAT?!!?!!! Turns our all of the invites had come from a service the school hasn't used in the past for events, and went straight to spam. I had no idea. So. 0. None of us are going to see John Scalzi and I'm sad. :P

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