12 Apr 2017

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Any ideas? I see them mainly in "institutional" plantings, but I find them totally awesome. Especially when they're in the shade and glow an almost bio-harzard green.

Green plants with green flowers in front of a building

ETA. Apparently some variety of spurge/euphorbia, I should be able to go from there.

This is kinda funny, though. I did an image search on bing. First photo to come up as a very similar plant, but the website was in Japanese so no help there. None of the other top ones looked like it, so I tried a google search.

Google came to this awesomely idiotic conclusion: Best guess for this image: flower. 

No duh, you pos.

I checked the images on bing again, and the fourth one was he same plant, but a slightly different angle so I'd not recognized it at first. But that led me to the correct answer.
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Abhorsen by Garth Nix.

Cutting for spoilers )

All in all, one of the best trilogies ever written. And now I may decide to read the other Old Kingdom books as well. I hadn't. Because of the Event.

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