21 Feb 2017

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I posted a bit over a year ago about an online friend getting real-life published.

I bought her book, Runtime, reviewed on goodreads, but apparently forgot to post that here:

The story was excellent, and for all it's a novella, the main character especially was well described. You never really feel sorry for the Marmeg because you know she's going to get back up and do what she needs to do, her resilience was one of the best parts of the book, and felt very real to me. She was a kick ass character with a race to win! The race part was exciting and the description of the Sierras in winter and the main character's reaction too them was very real.

Where this book shone? In the world building. S.B. Divya created a world that reflects some of the deeper cultural divides we currently face, and treats them lightly but with assurance. She touches on ethics, and on the personal cost of ethics, especially for someone who has everything to lose by acting in an ethical manner. This world is a world of bioengineering, and profound social prejudice, of cybernetics and new gender identity. You get a strong sense of this world through the story itself, not through long paragraphs explaining this that, and something more, so the world building is seamless, part of the story, but never THE story.

I really liked the book, and I hope Marmeg's story isn't over yet! However, even if it is, I do hope that the author will revisit this world and set other stories there. It seems like an interesting place, and I'd like to know more about it.

And, guess what? OMG, this is exciting!

Nebula Award nominees were out yesterday and look here:

I am SO excited for her!

So go read it if you already haven't! :-)

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