31 Jan 2017

nwhiker: (sunset)
I posted this a few months back: Seekh Kabobs. It was a bit soft to actually grill, but we all liked the taste.

I had frozen some of the leftover (raw) meat, and made it tonight with some mods:

Sauté an onion until softened
Sauté the meat with the onion

Remove 3/4 of the meat, set aside.

Add 1.5 cups rice, saut&ecute for a few minutes, add 3 cups water and a blob of BtB Chicken.

Cook until rice is done, about 20 minutes, put meat back in.

Cook a bag of spinach, drain slightly, add the spinach into the rice/meat mixture.

Twas delicious. I think one could also add the spinach at the last minute, as the rice was cooking, but I forgot until the rice was done, so I just cooked it separately. I'd also add more spinach but one bag is all I had on hand.

ETA: it clearly smelled good. I took leftovers to school with me, and three of my fellow grad students were sniffing and wanting the recipe. :-)

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