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We bought Linnea a new flute today. We were sick of paying for the low end rental, it's pretty clear she's going to stick with flute, and it was time.

The new instrument sounds SO much better. It's got open holes, currently plugged, so she'll have to learn to play with those, and it is probably a better instrument than she needed, but she'll grow into it from a musical standpoint, I think.

Once she realized that this was going to be her flute, not just a rental? She lit up with joy, and has been smiling and bouncing off the walls and using words like happy and amazing and excited. She's so appreciative when she gets things she really wants, I love getting her stuff.

Ooof, though. Expensive.

But, considering how happy she is, WEP.

Date: 23 Jun 2017 03:32 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] camelsamba
That's great! Do you think she'll end up playing more since it sounds better? (And didn't she used to play trombone??)

Apparently the rental instruments in our district are really good quality. The son of one of my colleagues played bassoon; when they moved to Colorado he ended up with a really crappy instrument so she was looking into buying him one, and discovered that bassoons are the most expensive instrument out there. Not sure if she ended up buying one - they moved back to A2 after a year. And Toby's oboe teacher told him that his instrument was really good. (We didn't actually have to rent it during the school year but would have had he kept it during the summer. Not sure if this is also true of the more common instruments. I know kids get to use an instrument for free in 5th grade, when instrumental music is mandatory; not sure what policies are after that.)

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