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I first read this book as a teenager... in French. The cover was of a Martian landscape and a rocket, and as such, along with the title and the designation as SF, cemented it AS SF in my brain.

On re-read... NSM. This time I got more of short stories, with various thoughts and ideas, and the SF was just the hook, a common theme, but not the purpose.

Must mull more on that. That said, it wasn't as wonderful as I remembered it, and at times the stereotypes grated. The final "ouch" was that it was better to be alone than with a fat woman. Yes, she was an idiot, but his perception of her was very clearly fixed when she failed to live up to his physical expectations. The story, imo, crystalises the concept of "I'd not date a fat woman if she were the last woman on Earth!", though in this case Mars. Anyhow.

Glad I re-read. I'm more and more leaning towards NOT revisiting any more of the books I read so many years ago.
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